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Hey, I'm Leah

I help mompreneurs get their business off the ground and become profitable in 6 months or less. 

I Understand...

Building a successful small business is not for the faint of heart!

If You Struggle With Any of the Following...

Validating your idea, product, or audience

Getting consistent revenue that grows every month

Lack of systems & processes - everything's a mess!

Slim profit margins

Don't have a solid sales process that is repeatable

Don't have a sales funnel that produces predictable revenue

Don't know how to scale your business online

...Then I can help you!

I know first-hand what it takes to build, grow, and maintain a successful business.

In the past five years, I've built three different companies in completely different industries from scratch as a homeschooling stay-at-home mom of five!

I have experience building companies in different economies! In good times, and in really, really bad times, I've learned how to find the opportunity.

I've built an information/education business which has gone on to generate more than 10 million in revenue, I've built a private record company selling music & merchandise directly to fans into the multiple six-figures, and in March of 2020 (yes - that month!), I built a physical product company that is currently on a 5.7 million run rate.

I've done all this from the comfort of my home while parenting my wonderful kids and doing all the "mom stuff" 🙂

Yes, those are some of my accomplishments, but the first thing you need to know is
I didn't get there alone.

The best investment I ever made was in coaching and mentorships.

That is exactly how I grew my companies so fast! There's no freaking way I would have figured out that all by myself. You see, when you learn from other people's wisdom, success, and failures, it means you get to take a GIANT SHORTCUT!

I want you to avoid the painful and expensive pitfalls and mistakes I've made while learning at lightning speed so you can 10x what you're currently doing. And that's actually possible. 

I've got a knack for detecting exactly where the holes are in your business so you can fix it and skyrocket your business' success ASAP.

Aside from being a wife and raising my children, I know God has put me on this earth to help others get massive breakthroughs. 

I would be honored to help you get your next business breakthrough!

How We Can Work Together


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Get training & insight from Leah, live Q&As, and networking opportunities in our private monthly coaching community!

Results With Leah


I've been one of Leah's students for a couple of years now, and I could not be happier. With the consistent applications of the principles I've learned from her, I am just about to cross my own six-figure threshold!

-Jeff Pearce

Leah’s private coaching has been an absolute life-line for our business!!!

We were feeling stuck and perplexed, unable to pinpoint why our current leads were not converting. We needed insight on how to attract quality leads, as well as clarity on our next steps to becoming profitable. We’d tried so many things that weren’t working and struggling to put our finger on why.

Leah listens to get the pulse of where you’re at in your business. She dispels the overwhelm by bringing clarity and simplicity with actionable steps. She helps troubleshoot WHY things are not working and HOW to change that to get momentum. The best part is that this is tailored to the specifics of your business and your vision - it’s not a cookie-cutter approach. She is a wealth of wisdom!

We’re feeling infused with renewed energy and direction!! We have a strategy on how to pivot to gain MORE qualified leads, be MORE focused on our customer journey, and stop wasting time on unnecessary things that aren’t going to move the needle. We are beyond excited because we have a solid plan on how to increase our ROI and build something sustainable.

-Nicki O'Donovan, ShellAnne O'Donovan

ShellAnne O'Donovan
Nicki O'Donovan Photography

By applying Leah’s methods directly and making her methods to work for selling event tickets, I started to sell music online, and most importantly, I started to sell tickets to my events. In a short time, I went from getting 10-20 people to my events to getting 100-120 people to my events. It was all because of what Leah taught me.

Continuing to apply Leah’s methods I did $35,000 in ticket sales for a 6-week tour. A year later in 2019 after joining Leah’s Elite mentoring Program I did $75,000 in ticket and merchandise sales on a 6-week tour.

So far this year using Leah’s methods and my own methods inspired by Leah’s teachings I have made $80,000 and we are only 4 months into the Australian Financial Year.

$80,000 from music in four months using Leah’s methods!

I am living my dream, taking my family around the world with my music. I am eternally grateful to Leah McHenry for her mentorship and most of all for caring so much about my success.

-Daniel Coates

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About Leah

Leah is a wife of sixteen years, mother of five (all birthed naturally), and entrepreneur. With no formal background in business or even a college degree, Leah defied the odds of having almost every major disadvantage. Coming from a broken home with much pain, turbulent teen years, and a lack of direction as a young person, she overcame obstacle after obstacle. With a young family, she began her songwriting career in 2012 and quickly learned the need for direct-to-consumer sales without a label. Leah spent years consuming everything she could on digital marketing and after seeing massive growth in her music career without ever touring, she launched Savvy Musician Academy - the world's best digital marketing academy for independent musicians. SMA has gone on to train tens of thousands of musicians and help to transform the global independent music industry.

In March of 2020 (yes - THAT month!) Leah launched a physical product company, Mythologie Candles. It went to multiple six figures in just a few months, hit 7 figures in 9 months and is currently on a 5 million dollar run rate.

Aside from her passion for songwriting, music, and business, Leah enjoys the outdoors, hiking with her family, travel, gaming, doing anything creative, and spending time with her children.

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